We offer two white label services to companies and organisations who want to quickly and easily add live streaming to what they offer their clients:

  • A Full Filming and Streaming Production Service for event management companies, agencies, conference centres, hotels, and other suppliers.
  • Producer and Streaming Equipment Service for video production companies and agencies who already have cameras and crew or staff to operate them.

Full Filming and Streaming Production Service

This allows you to use any of the Nathan Rae Production Standard Packages along with any Extra Options, either as a one off for single event, or for you to offer the Packages to your clients.

Working with Nathan Rae Productions longer term means the process becomes seamless and we can provide a better service to your clients. It also saves money and means we can organise to film or stream an event with less than 24 hours notice.

  • You continue to be the main contact with your client, you know what questions to ask and what info you need from them.
  • We save time and money reducing preproduction time by not repeating site visits, streaming tests, etc. for every event.
  • Your design team can create on custom assets, animated graphics, transitions, and as part of branding
  • We know your venue, tech set up, AV system, and know your staff, AV team, site manager, and others.

Please contact Nathan Rae to discuss how we can work together.

Producer & Streaming Gear Service

This service uses your crew and camera gear. We can be booked last min, next day or same day depending on location!

Hire Senior Producer Nathan Rae along with our streaming rig and all other equipment required to transform your filming setup into a Multi Camera Live Streaming machine.

The White Label package means you can offer your client the following service as standard though you can also offer our Extra Options.

  • Live stream to Youtube, Facebook Live, Twitch or any other service.
  • Stream to Multiple Platforms Simultaneously.
  • Overlay or play in images, lower thirds, videos, music, adverts, and other media during event.
  • Play in of speakers slides in full resolution for online viewers.
  • Same Day Delivery of Live Edited Footage in high quality 1080 HD.

Producer & Streaming Gear service includes:

  • Senior Producer
  • Television Studio/Switcher
  • Streaming Computer
  • All cables and equipment to connect 4 cameras and audio to the streaming rig
  • Back up Equipment
  • PL Insurance for Nathan Rae

Please contact us to discuss how we can work together.