A showreel of some recent disc golf projects.
I’ve also added my most useful ever disc golf video and my professional showreel.

Edits of the 2022 British Champs Finals, Scott Stokely footage, Race The Drone, and a short film.
See short production notes below.
My most useful video!
For UK councils and park rangers to show what disc golf could look like in their towns and cities.
It works too.
Professional showreel. 13 years of Live Streaming.
(Same music sorry.)
I produce most kinds of video content for clients but specialise in live streaming and filming events.

See also: “Lift” my award winning hitch hiking documentary and my “How to run an Introduction to Disc Golf Session for Kids and Adults” video.

Production Notes:

  • The 2022 British Champs final was filmed by a volunteer camera op and me with my pro gear. I shot, edited, and recorded the commentary on the same day then added graphics the following day. Full video here: https://youtu.be/fM4rSQ4lRv8?si=MlLFdbWYugh8HM-Q
  • Scott Stokely was in the UK and needed some tutorials and a seminar filming. Shot with my pro gear on a very windy day in Scotland.
  • Race the Drone was a video project I made with my kids. 16yo Charis was flying the drone, 10yo Griffin had the Gopro, and Seren was pretending to be grumpy. Full video on Neutrino here: https://youtu.be/pjsNIIt6m58?si=atUOSkgKou6nSNZQ
  • Disc Fishing was a short fun film shot on my GoPro. Full video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37ENUKUTVpk

The Neutrino Disc Golf channel was intended to help grow disc golf in the UK with practice rounds, tournament coverage, stunts, course design, etc. It didn’t work out for various reasons and is now on hold.

Check out the Global Disc Golf Course website. It designed for towns and cities with no disc golf courses or infrastructure to run events and PDGA tournaments.