A lockdown project for Seren got a bit out of hand and we ended up on the world’s biggest magic TV show.
And neither of us are magicians!

I designed and coded Cardfinder 2000 in python and invented the method that finds card using some live stream tech. But it was Seren’s character and stage presence that got us to Las Vegas.

Seren & Nathan vs Penn & Teller

The trick is based on a classic 90s Penn & Teller bit where they faked the software and forced a card on a volunteer.

Our original audition video from 2020.
A demo of the Cardfinder 2000 software I wrote in python.

This was a fun project to do together until we both got covid in 4 days before filming in 2021. It was fun again up until the trip to Vegas in 2022 where it became exhausting, stressful, upsetting, and made us wish we had never sent the audition video in the first place.

Seren has enjoyed spending the Youtube earnings though!