Product Demonstration Videos

Product and Service Demonstration Videos

Once a potential costumer is on your site they much more likely to watch a video outlining the features of your product than read bullet points, struggle to the end of large blocks of text or wade through technical specifications.

Do not think of a Product Demonstration Video as a typical a sales pitch but a chance for your product to sell it’s self.  Although one of your sales reps may present themselves very well and have a good patter, a real costumer, genuinely reviewing your product, will give a much stronger impression and will engender trust.  Using existing costumers is also great way to make a cost effective video that doesn’t have to have the professional look of a Landing Page Video.

However you decide to produce a Product Demonstration Video it must cover the following points:

  • Give relevant information about the key or unique features of your product or service.
  • Say specifically how the product has met and exceeded the brand promise or fulfilled it’s main purpose. Eg. Increased efficiency, saved costs, made people happy, etc.
  • Give the viewer a clear call to action. Eg. “Go to this web site to find out more!” or “Call this freephone number to place your order!” or “Send this webpage and video to your manager!”

Now here's our call to action: Email or Contact Me to see how we can produce a Product Demo video or help you produce your own.

A Product Demo video we produced for

Here's a customer review/demo video I made for a product I love and use: The iLugger.