Brand Building Videos

Brand Building Video

Videos which fall into the Brand Building catorgary include How To Videos, Podcasts, FAQ Videos and Walkthroughs.

Giving away some of your expertise for free is a great way to build your brand in a crowded market place.  After viewing an interesting video potential costumers are much more likely to come back to your site when they are ready to buy.

Never go for the hard sell in a Brand Building Video, just mention your product or company and always include a link to your website.  Brand Building Videos will also increase links and traffic to your site, helping with SEO.   

Go Gel Nails openly shares how to use their products and gives tips that even competitiors could use.

Although you are not pushing your product directly you are building your personal and company brand, increasing trust in you as an expert and indirectly attracting new potential costumers.  If the video is used on blogs, is linked to on other websites and mentioned on Twitter, etc. it can only bring you more traffic and build on your existing SEO strategies.

Brand Building Video Case Study:

Your product reduces the time spent on invoicing by 60% so you make a video entitled “Top 5 Tips To Streamline Your Invoicing Procedures!”  In the video you give five good tips but none of them simply “Buy my product!”  Then over the next few months…

The video increases your standing amongst your clients and competitors.

A stressed out office worker searches for “Invoicing Procedures HELP” on Youtube and ends up on your site. 

A potential client is trying to get a handle on what kind of person you are, watches the video and discovers you really know what you are talking about.

A local Chamber of Commerce member sees it on your website asks you to give a speech at the next meeting.

You have nothing to lose and much to gain by building your brand online with video like this, so why not contact us for more advice about where to start and check out the examples below.



Alistair Marshall has developed a series of talks called 12 Immediate Actions to Increase Sale and Cash.  We turned these into video series which you can access on his website when you sign up to his email.  We also formated them into a Video Podcast which can be found on iTunes.


We made this video for a as they wanted to show the koi collecting community that the world renowned Denis Wordsworth had joined the team.  As well as sending out a press release to the Koi magazines released this video and it was viewed over 2000 times in the first month. More importantly, these 2000 viewers are exactly the people who are most likely to buy high class koi in the future.  Production note: We filmed the showroom interview then edited in the footage shot by someone else in Japan.